Júlia Koltai

Júlia Koltai
Download CV Senior Research Fellow (TK Recens)
Selected Publications

Five selected publications of the last five years

2022 Understanding hesitancy with revealed preferences across COVID-19 vaccine types. Scientific Reports 12(13293). (co-authors: Kristóf Kutasi, Ágnes Szabó-Morvai, Gergely Röst, Márton Karsai, Péter Biró and Balázs Lengyel)
2021 “Splendid Isolation”: The reproduction of music industry inequalities in Spotify’s recommendation system. New Media & Society. Online first. (co-authors: Tamás Tófalvy)

2021 The presence of occupational structure in online texts based on word embedding NLP models. EPJ Data Science 10(55). (co-authors: Zoltán Kmetty and Tamás Rudas)

2020 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Gender Division of Childcare Work in Hungary. European Societies 23(sup1) pp. S95-S110. (DOI: 10.1080/14616696.2020.1817522) (co-authors: Fodor, Éva; Gregor, Anikó; Kovács, Eszter)

2019 Collapse of an online social network: Burning social capital to create it? In: Social Networks 57: 43-53. (co-authors László Lőrincz, Anna Fruzsina Győr and Károly Takács)
Five further selected publications:
2022 Reconstructing social mixing patterns via weighted contact matrices from online and representative surveys. Scientific Reports 12(4690). (co-authors: Orsolya Vásárhelyi, Gergely Röst, and Márton Karsai)
2021 The increasing importance of friends: Changes in core discussion network composition in post-communist Hungary between 1997 – 2015. Social Networks 66. pp. 139-145. (coauthors: Fruzsina Albert and Beáta Dávid)
2021 Attitudes towards Participation in a Passive Data Collection Experiment. Sensors 21(18): 6085. (co-authors: Bence Ságvári and Attila Gulyás)
2019 Attitude Changes towards Immigrants in the Turbulent Years of the 'Migrant Crisis' and Anti-Immigrant Campaign in Hungary. In: Intersections: East-European Journal of Society and Politics 5(1): 48-70. (co-author: Ildikó Barna)
2018 Core Ties Homophily and Sociocultural Divides in Hungary from 1987 to 2015 In: International Journal of Sociology. 47(3): 228-249. (co-authors Zoltán Kmetty and Róbert Tardos)
Research Projects

2022-2027 Principal investigator

 “Momentum” Research Grant of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Title of the research: Social Structure and Inequalities Through the Lens of Digital Data. Name of the research group: MTA–TK Lendület “Momentum” Digital Social Science Research Group for Social Stratification (DS4 Momentum Research Group)

2022-2026 Principal investigator

National Laboratory Program of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office in Hungary (RRF-2.3.1-21-2022-00006) Name of the research group: Social Science Research Group, National Laboratory for Health Security

2022-2025 Co-applicant

Grant of the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF). Title of the research: Humanized Algorithms: Identifying and Mitigating Algorithmic Biases in Social Networks. Principal investigator: Fariba Karimi (Complexity Science Hub, Vienna), co-applicant: Markus Strohmaier (RWTH Aachen)

2019-2024 Principal investigator

Grant of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office in Hungary (FK131826). Title of the research: Social History Analysis of the Press between 1945 and 1989 with the Methods of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

2019-2022 Principal investigator

Premium Postdoctoral Grant of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Title of the research: Application of Big Data and Natural Language Processing Methods in the Social Sciences.